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Hydrate Your Body & Your Brain

Hydrate Your Body & Your Brain

1 liter of water weighs about 2 pounds. Make sure you bring your body’s level of hydration back to at least where it was before class. You should also be well hydrated before class which will improve your body’s performance and how you feel during class as well.

Good Hydration Cuts the Risk of Disease
Research studies show that good hydration cuts the risk of breast cancer by 79%, reduces the risk of colon cancer by 45% and slashes the risk of bladder cancer by 50%.

Good Hydration Enhances Mental Clarity
A drop of just 2% in body water causes short term memory problems and significant difficulties with concentration. Good hydration helps you become mentally alert throughout the day.

Good Hydration Improves Digestion
A digestive system without sufficient fluid is constipated. Fluid is essential for nutrients to pass through the delicate membranes of the intestines. If the body is adequately hydrated sufficient fluid is present in the digestive track to distribute nutrients throughout the body.

Good Hydration Softens Skin Texture
Adequate hydration makes it possible for water to move through all the membranes of your body so that the largest organ in the body, the skin, is adequately hydrated.
Skin texture softens. The natural aging process is slowed. Wrinkles vanish. Bagging skin tightens.

Good Hydration Slows the Aging Process
Good hydration lowers the surface tension of the water that is ingested and reduces the cluster size of its molecules. Wetting capacity is increased, making water more readily available for transport to each and every cell of the body.

Good Hydration Relieves Back and Joint Pain
A little known fact is that adequate hydration has been shown to relieve back and joint pain for as many as 80% of sufferers.

Good Hydration Helps Control Body Weight
Adequate hydration resets the thirst mechanism in the brain so that hunger is not confused with thirst. The obvious benefit is a subsequent loss of excess weight that is caused by eating too much food.

In summary, what are the mind-boggling benefits of good hydration?

  • We look and feel younger.
  • Mental clarity gets a welcome boost.
  • Our digestive system sends nutrients to each cell
  • Weight control is restored
  • Ability to handle stress is enhanced
  • Pain from aching joints is reduced
  • Overall flexibility is restored

Drink, drink, drink!

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